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Frequently Asked Questions

We use an EPA List N hypochlorous acid (HOCl) solution.

HOCl is safe and non-toxic for people, pets and the environment!  Your body actually makes HOCl to help fight infection.

It has been used by hospitals, dentists, cruise ships, etc for decades as safe, effective disinfection agent.

The HOCl solution we use is registered with the EPA and on List N of disinfectants known to be effective against COVID-19.  In fact, HOCl has been shown to be effective against a broad range of resistant pathogens including MRSA, M.tuberculosis, Legionella, E.coli, HIV, poliovirus, Helicobacter pylori, norovirus, the avian influenza virus and more.​

In fact, it has been shown to be 100 times more effective than bleach!

The solution we use is between ph 6.7-7.0, meaning that is it effectively neutral.

We use electrostatic foggers which atomize the HOCL to approximately 40 microns and give it a charge.  It covers up to 3x more surfaces than other methods and gives 360 degree coverage ensuring that it disinfects areas other methods can't reach.

Yes, it is safe, but it is recommended that electronics be turned off during application and until drying is complete.

Drying time varies based on several variables including the material it is on, room temp, humidity, etc.

Generally, it dries in 10-30 minutes.  We recommend waiting for 1 hour before using rooms that have been sprayed.

No.  Using our service is just one part of an overall effort to minimize your chances of contracting COVID.

If you have questions that are not answered above, please feel free to contact us.  We are here to help!